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2018 Speakers

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Amy Chess

Amy is a Senior UX Researcher at Cox Automotive who focuses her research exclusively on enterprise software. During her career as a UX Researcher, she has become increasingly interested in "Platform UX"---an abstract area that isn't concerned with designs, screens, or even workflows in many cases---and is instead concerned with measuring user expectations around the access, manipulation, and propagation of data across large enterprise systems.


Annmarie Curley

Annmarie Curley is a senior project management consultant with over 20 years Information Technology experience. She has extensive experience managing global teams and complex projects across financial, healthcare, and IT consulting services sectors. For the past 8+ years, Annmarie has assisted clients with strategic IT planning, project management, project risk analysis, business process improvement, business analysis, team leadership, organizational change management, project management best practices, and software development process improvement.

Annmarie has a B.S. in Applied Computing, from University of Ulster, Ireland and has a Project Management Professional (PMP) accreditation from the Project Management Institute (PMI).


Bob Crowley

Bob Crowley is a Senior Software Developer for Stone Coast Fund Services where he builds solutions in the .Net and Azure ecosystems. Having gained so much from the community himself, he is trying to give a little back as an occasional presenter at his local Casco Bay .Net User Group, Boston Code Camp and Vermont Code Camp.

Find Bob on twitter @contrivedex and see his occasional ramblings on


Bradley Holt

Bradley Holt is the program manager for developer advocacy at the Center for Open-Source Data and AI Technologies (CODAIT) within IBM. He is the author of several publications including Scaling CouchDB and Writing and Querying MapReduce Views in CouchDB, both published by O’Reilly Media. He has spoken at numerous conferences, including Abstractions, ApacheCon, the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference, O’Reilly Fluent, ConFoo, Node.js Interactive, php[tek], ZendCon, and OSCON. Bradley writes and speaks about topics such as Apache CouchDB, PouchDB, Offline First, Node.js, and Domain-Driven Design.


Brie Hoblin

Brie Hoblin is the founder of Sage Logik, a small QA consulting company with a wide variety of clients. Brie has a Bachelor's degree in Web Development & Design from Champlain College, and has experience both as a web developer and a QA Engineer. She started Sage Logik in 2016, and currently volunteers for both Code for BTV and Burlington Code. She enjoys giving presentations and teaching classes about all things QA.


Chris Bowen

I'm an old friend of VT Code Camp, and look forward to a return after too long an absence! Currently a Cloud Architect at Microsoft, focused on Azure AppDev with our enterprise customers, in my prior Microsoft role I was part of the Evangelism team, touring the northeast in support of the developer community. In my years before Microsoft, I've been an architect and developer with companies including, Staples, and others.


Chris Woodruff

Chris Woodruff (or Woody as he is commonly known as) has a degree in Computer Science from Michigan State University’s College of Engineering. Woody has been developing and architecting software solutions for over 20 years and has worked in many different platforms and tools. He is a community leader, helping such events as GRDevNight, GRDevDay, West Michigan Day of .NET and CodeMash. He was also instrumental in bringing the popular Give Camp event to Western Michigan where technology professionals lend their time and development expertise to assist local non-profits. As a speaker and podcaster, Woody has spoken and discussed a variety of topics, including database design and open source. He has been a Microsoft MVP in Visual C#, Data Platform and SQL and was recognized in 2010 as one of the top 20 MVPs world-wide. Woody is a Developer Advocate for JetBrains and evangelizes .NET, .NET Core and JetBrains' products in North America.


Floyd Hilton

Floyd Hilton, often described as having a “calming effect” on the hectic world of software, has worked in many domains including semiconductor manufacturing, financial aid delivery, energy conservation and healthcare.

Floyd enjoys renovating and extending existing custom software products. He uses testing and automation to get the most out of the clients’ software instead of discarding and re-writing.

Floyd loves helping others discover the awesome career of being a software developer. He co-founded a local user group, mentors high school and adult programmers, and is a speaker at conferences.

When he’s not building software, Floyd can be found building houses or riding anything with two wheels.


Frank Canovatchel

I am Associate Professor at Champlain College teaching introductory and advanced Web, MIS, Economics and Finance courses. After I attained my Master’s Degree from Fordham University in the early 1980's, I began my career as a financial analyst on Wall Street. There I developed financial models using the first IBM AT and XT computers. After leaving Wall Street, I began my career teaching Economics, Computer Applications and Web Programming. My interests in Web technology includes Systems Analysis, XML, PHP, JavaScript, database development and the business of technological innovation. In economics my interests include economic development, commodities market pricing and financial derivatives as well as international finance and trade. In 2006, I co-authored my first book with noted author Patrick Carey, “New Perspectives on JavaScript Programming”. I am currently working on a series of economics books for the economics-non-major as well books on database design, statistical analysis of big data and the financial analysis of technological innovation. Realizing that economics and not technology was my passion, I went back for a PhD in Economics at Fordham University. I began in the Program in 2006 and graduated in May of 2015. It is while in this program I feel I really grew as a student, instructor and as a person. I was placed on academic probation twice and twice I came out stronger and better. What allowed me to be successful was realizing I needed to tab into a huge resource: my professors. When I did that I not was never on probation again. Had I done this sooner I really believe I would never have been on probation in the first place. Their insights and mentoring were a huge reason why I completed the Program. On the lighter side of things, I live in Williston, Vermont. I also enjoy hunting, golf and playing chess. I love sports and I am an avid Mets fan. I also love the Yankees, Jets, Giants, the Islanders, the Rangers, the Nets and the Knicks. You must be wondering how can I route for these combinations of teams? I just love sports and enjoy routing for my NY teams. Since moving to Vermont in the 1990’s I have become an avid UVM basketball fan.


gleb bahmutov

Gleb Bahmutov is JavaScript ninja, image processing expert and software quality fanatic. During the day Gleb is making the web a better place as VP of Engineering at At night he is fighting software bugs and blogs about it at Microsoft MVP for Open Source contributions.


John Cicilio

John Cicilio works as an architect at MyWebGrocer. He has been working in systems and software for 30 years. John has a passion for science, mathematics and technology. "When I met my first Pascal compiler, it was love. I truly enjoy the wonder of the history of science and mathematics and feel fortunate to be a part of this great human adventure in computation and abstract knowledge systems."


John Waterman, PMP, GISP

Technologist living in Burke, John, on occasion, wanders out of the Northeast Kingdom.


Josh Lee

With over 15 years of web industry experience, Josh Lee is an expert in Content Management, ecommerce, and SaaS platforms. He is passionate about making the web and web development skills more universally accessible. Josh is a consultant and also the organizer for the Burlington WordPress meetup.


Julie Lerman

Julie Lerman is a Microsoft Regional Director, Docker Captain and long-time Microsoft MVP who now counts her years as a coder in decades. She makes her living as a mentor and consultant to software teams around the world. You can find Julie presenting on Entity Framework, Domain Driven Design and other topics at user groups and conferences around the world. Julie blogs at, is the author of the highly acclaimed “Programming Entity Framework” books, the MSDN Magazine Data Points column and popular videos on Follow Julie on twitter at julielerman.


Kash Kundargi

Kash has worked in the IT industry for more than nine years. Her experience with various IT projects and multicultural teams has given her a diverse perspective towards people management. She has gained an excellent skill-set in Leadership, Project Management, and Business Analysis. She has few tips and tricks on Leadership that would help any aspiring leader to achieve trust and confidence in their team.


Kendall Fortney

Design, data and problem-solving has always been something that has interested me. Located in Burlington, Vermont, for the last 8 years I have worked in software in a variety of industries. Currently I am the first Data Innovation Fellow for the Vermont Center of Geographic Information and the organizer of this joint geospatial and data science conference, GeoDatSci. Each of these experiences taught me the importance of data-driven decision making and creating compelling stories.

Self-taught in R and Python for data science, machine learning and visualization, I have published articles in Medium and led local Data Scientist Meetups to help others. For me the merging of my fine art and design skills into data analysis, visualization and 3D modelling is a natural progression and reflects the field’s direction in general.


Kip Steele

kip moved to Vermont from NYC 6 years ago and learned a lot about the Vermont developer network


Kyle Mitofsky

Kyle's been writing software for the last six years professionally at the Vermont Department of Health, and recreationally at code camps, Meetups, and online. He's currently serving as the Team Technical Lead for our Software Development unit.

Kyle's interested in web, desktop, and mobile development technologies, especially if they're on the .NET stack


Larry Keyes

Larry Keyes works with clients and companies in education, healthcare, research, and government doing database and software development, network management, workflow and customer service management. Currently he is a member of the IT team at Tetra Tech ARD; an engineering and international development company with clients and projects throughout the world.


Linus Falck-Ytter

Linus grew up splitting time between Germany and the United States before his family made an exciting life decision by settling in Cleveland, Ohio. He has a degree in Computer Science from 'The' Ohio State University and now lives in Cambridge with his cat.


Lisa Crispin

Lisa Crispin is the co-author, with Janet Gregory, of More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team (2014), Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams (2009), the LiveLessons Agile Testing Essentials video course, and “The Whole Team Approach to Agile Testing” 3-day training course offered through the Agile Testing Fellowship. Lisa was voted by her peers as the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person at Agile Testing Days in 2012. She is a testing advocate working at mabl to explore leading practices in testing in the software community. Please visit and for more.


Malina Kirn

Malina Kirn is an architect at and founder of a local startup. She holds a doctorate in scientific computation from the University of Maryland and has eleven years of academic research experience in computational physics. She's worked in the software engineering industry for the past seven years, specializing in big data applications.


Mandy Swithenbank

An advocate for user experience and web accessibility, Mandy has worn many hats over the course of her career-- from implementing designs in Angular and React, to conducting and analyzing usability tests, to evaluating accessibility compliance and mentoring development teams. Now living in Ottawa, Ontario, she is happy to return to Burlington for a fun day of knowledge sharing and learning.


Micah Mutrux

Micah Mutrux is the Project Delivery Lead for Code for BTV, the Vermont-local Code for America Brigade. His role has him finding new project work for the brigade, and then overseeing that the teams working on the projects deliver to our standards, in the end. Micah has been a volunteer technologist for many years, having started with Random Hacks of Kindness. Micah is excited by the possibilities that come from many communities working together to solve big problems by sharing code and strategies.


Mitch Miller

After completing a Ph. D. in chemistry, Mitch began his professional career as a presales application scientist at a company that created software for managing chemical information. He found his talents were well suited to software implementation projects and has been active in this field for most of his professional life. He has enjoyed stints in product definition, scientific guidance, and group management with MDL, NetGenics, LION biosciences, Symyx Technologies. For the past 8 years, he has been an independent contractor, helping scientists at many companies make better use of their data.


Murat K. Gungor

Murat has been teaching at Champlain College since 2016 Fall, teaching Software Engineering courses, including Software Testing, Software Refactoring, Software Requirement Engineering and Software Design Pattern Subjects.

Prior to Champlain College, he worked in the software industry as a software developer, project manager, and other management positions.


Paul Swider

Paul J. Swider is a known international speaker and the CEO of RealActivity an organization focused on streamlining healthcare and research using a proprietary blockchain and smart contract framework. He has over 25 years of proven computer science and healthcare technology experience. Paul is an accomplished author of several books, speaks internationally and still finds time to teach a programming class when he can. Paul is currently based out of the Boston area and occasionally gets to chase the tides and winds as an avid boater and sailor.


Peter Vile

Peter Vile received his master degree from Colorado State University in computer science with a focus on software engineering specializing in distributed systems and aspect oriented middleware. Since then he has been developing web based solutions and services in the Java ecosystem in several domains such as defense, telecom and now automotive. Currently he works for focused on internal and external integration projects. While not chasing his two boys around he tries to stay up on messaging and reactive systems and is currently dabbling in Akka and Flutter.


Rama Kocherlakota

Rama has been a software developer at Dealer Dot Com for seven years.


Scott Thibault

Scott has a doctorate degree in programming languages and has been working with design automation and embedded systems for more than two decades. He has been consulting with a health care startup for the past several years as a senior architect, as well as pursuing other interests including the Internet of Things and natural language processing.


Shawn Vernier

“Greetings from the Great White North of Ottawa, Ontario!” Even after leaving Burlington area, Shawn can't deny any excuse to come visit. With over 5 years of industry experience in Automated Quality Assurance across 3 different companies, he has many lessons to share - doubly so the pitfalls he fell into and how to avoid them. Passionate about proselytizing AQA, he cautions you to automate responsibly.

Always happy to connect but never much one for social media, find him on LinkedIn or follow his website:


Svetlana Levitan

Svetlana is a Developer Advocate with IBM Center for Open Data and Artificial Intelligence Technology. She worked on implementing SPSS statistical and machine learning components for 18 years and represented SPSS and later IBM at the Data Mining Group working on PMML and PFA standards since 2001. She holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics and MS in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park. Svetlana loves to share her expertise and is very excited to learn more about deep learning and other newer algorithms.


Tobin Winters

Coming from a background of systems administration, networking, database engineering and software development I love building things and improving systems. I have a passion for helping teams deliver value faster at higher quality.


Udaiappa Ramachandran

Udaiappa Ramachandran (Udai) is the CTO at Akumina, is a Cloud Expert in Azure, Amazon, and Google. Organizer of New Hampshire .NET Cloud User Group (@nhcloud), and is a frequent speaker for the New England Area user group, boot camp, and code camp.


Veronika Kolesnikova

Web Developer at Rightpoint
Passionate about backend web development, mainly with Microsoft technologies like C#, .NET, SQL, Azure. Loves to learn new development tools and languages and share the knowledge with the community. Recently started working with Xamarin and cannot wait to provide her insights. Recently Veronika graduated with MS degree in Information Technology. In her free time, she likes dancing, traveling and practicing aerial yoga.


Zachary Kingston

Zach Kingston is a Sr. Software Developer at MyWebGrocer. He grew up in Jericho, but currently lives in St. Albans.